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Online Service Dog Training Program

Professional & Accessible Support for Owner-Trainers

High quality, individualized, online canine training for qualified individuals aimed at assisting an owner in self-training a service dog. This program will encompass all levels of training required to raise and train a service dog prospect and to prepare a team to be successful at home and in public settings.

How does it work?

  • Approximately 18 months total

  • 3 Training Levels, 6 months each

  • 3 sets of classes at each level, 2 months in duration each, designed to build on previous skills learned

  • 6 Month Self-study period with biweekly trainer check in’s and feedback when needed

Instruction Methods:

  • New skills and goals with each new week at Level 1 and 2

  • Weekly live video sessions for immediate feedback and support

  • Supplemental video clips to review as often as needed

  • Video review and feedback (you send to us)

  • PDF handouts and guides

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