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Meg Holsinger, CPDT-KA

Director of Online Service Dog Training
She / Her / Hers

My love of animals started very early on. Growing up, I spent many hours with horses and dogs- learning about animal behavior, training, and exploring the human-animal bond. I first began intensive study into the benefits of service animals for individuals with disabilities in 2010 and grew my skills working with a small service dog program in Oregon. Those skills were put to use with my own dogs when I became disabled. While I pursued my personal interest in dog training, I graduated with a BA in Psychology from UNC Asheville and also earned a Masters in Information Science from NCCU. I love continuing to expand my knowledge of training and behavior, so I earned certification through the Council for Professional Dog Trainers in early 2022.

Science-based training gives us an effective and kind way to communicate with the dogs that share our lives. Learning happens quickly and is fun for everyone! Teaching owners how to work with their dogs makes it possible to turn frustration into understanding, cooperation, and appreciation. Whether you are dealing with a frustrating problem behavior or want to teach your dog cute tricks or how to walk nicely on your leash, we make training effective and fun!

Service dog training is my passion and my training specialty. I love teaching dogs how to perform helpful tasks and helping individuals with disabilities build a strong partnership with their dogs. I know just how much a well-trained canine partner can open up the world to people with disabilities! I am always available for new clients for in person service dog training and I am the point of contact for our online service dog training program. In addition to this, I have a special interest in consulting with problem behaviors- particularly fearful and reactive dogs.

While I'm not training my own or client dogs, I'm gardening at home, reading, drinking coffee, or exploring outdoors in Nebraska. You may see me and my collies out and about!

Please see me for your service dog training needs!


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