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Private Lessons

In-home private sessions are budget friendly and our most popular training option. These sessions are an excellent choice for young puppies who are not old enough to attend group training classes, Canine Defined can assist with basic obedience and kennel/potty training beginning as early as 8 weeks old. Private sessions can also cover behavior modification for unruly dogs, or just simple obedience for dogs of any age.

Private training sessions differ from group training as we can focus on the behavioral issues you experience in your home like counter surfing, jumping on guests, stealing food etc. These can also incorporate the entire family as the foundation of dog training is consistency, the whole family will learn to communicate with your pet in the same way.

In-home training sessions begin with a free evaluation where we discuss any problem behaviors you experience and begin to cover the basics of the way dogs learn and how to communicate with them effectively. Ideally we would meet weekly to biweekly for approximately 1 hour training sessions. During the week you practice what was covered in our previous session until the next training lesson. We offer packages starting with 4 sessions!

**Travel  30 minutes or more from trainers home office will incur an additional $50 charge.**

Currently only available in Clarksville TN and Oahu HI!