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Holly Daley, AKC CGC Evaluator

Regional Trainer- Colorado Springs
She / Her / Hers

I was incredibly lucky to start my dog training journey as an intern with Canine Defined! Because of this, I have become immensely passionate on science-based and positive reinforcement training. I have seen the long-lasting effects it has on the bond between humans and their dogs. With Canine Defined, I learned to approach every dog as an individual and to create a training plan that sets every dog up for success. 


I have worked with positive reinforcement based companies where I gained 3 years experience training basic to advanced obedience, agility classes, and other confidence-building classes. These experiences allowed me to gain valuable hands-on time with many, many different dogs. I am incredibly excited to now bring my knowledge into personalized, private, in-home training. I am also excited to work towards additional certifications and continuing education options!


Currently, I have one dog, Kingsley, one hamster, Spanky, and one crested gecko, Pickles. Kingsley is a 6 year old male Rough Collie who I adopted when he was 2.5 years old after unexpectedly losing my first dog, Koda, in 2020. I definitely have Meg to thank for helping me find a dog that so easily fits into my lifestyle, and for introducing me to the Collie Squad! 


Kingsley and I are also part of Go Team Therapy Dogs, where he likes to visit and bring comfort to assisted living homes, psychiatric hospitals, school campuses, and many other places! 


I'm a Colorado native who enjoys taking my dog on hikes, sipping on iced coffee, and trying to keep my houseplants alive!


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