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Canine Defined focuses on teaching people how to bring out the best in their pets. The use of positive training methods facilitates a healthy relationship and effective communication for you and your dog.

In assessing each dog's individual needs and needs of the family, Canine Defined follows the Humane Hierarchy. This hierarchy allows for thorough assessment of every part of a dog's life and experience beginning with potential health factors and environmental causes for problem behaviors. Canine Defined Dog Training uses "least intrusive, minimally aversive" (LIMA) methodology to help make decisions regarding how to approach behavior modification for each individual case. Although we focus on positive reinforcement, and teaching the dog what we want them to do first, we also recognize that all quadrants of operant conditioning are effective in teaching and may need to be used on a case by case basis.


Our Team

OUR Team

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Ciera Wilson

Head Trainer & Owner

Online and In-Person Services

Needham MA

IMG_1716Everlasting Images Photography.j
Meg Holsinger


Online Service Dog Training and In- Person Services

Bellevue NE

Julie Parra


Online and In-Person Services

Columbia SC



In-Person Services

South Philadelphia PA

We're glad you found us. Here is what we believe.

All dogs deserve to earn rewards for hard work

We believe in the beautiful evolutionary power of  the human and canine connection

Sometimes humans need training too

We believe in basing our approach to modifying dog behavior in modern scientific research

Black Lives Matter
Love is Love
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