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Types of Service Dogs Trained


Physical and/or Neurological:

  • Mobility Assistance- individually trained to assist a person with physically or neurologically limiting disability complete common tasks that they would otherwise find difficult. Tasks include: retrieving dropped items, turning on lights, pulling open doors etc.

  • Autism Support- individually trained for a person with Autism spectrum related disorders to help in one or many aspects of the individuals life. Tasks include: give tactile pressure, provide balance support, alert or distract from self stim/self harm behaviors, and much more.

Medical Alert:

  • Psychiatric Service Dog- individually trained to assist a person with a psychiatric disability gain independence by responding in situations that the handler would experience extreme anxiety and could normally not cope alone. People that would benefit from the use of a psychiatric service dog are generally those that have been diagnosed with a psychological condition such as post-traumatic stress or chronic anxiety. Tasks include: alert to rising anxiety levels, provide body blocking, alert to people approaching from behind and much more.

  • Emergency Response Service Dog- individually trained to provide support in an emergency situation occurring due to a medical condition or disability. Tasks include: executing a predetermined set of actions to  indicate the handlers condition to a caregiver or person nearby, respond appropriately by retrieving needed medications, or activate a specialized medical alert system. Emergency response service dogs can be trained to mitigate symptoms of many disabilities or illnesses including seizures, heart conditions, and asthma.

***The Americans with Disabilities Act defines a "service animal as any dog or miniature horse that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability". Tasks or work are the specific commands or behaviors taught to mitigate symptoms of a handlers disability.***

The duration of service dog training and cost varies widely based on needs of the handler and type of dog trained. Please contact with questions or to request more info.

***Currently only available in Dedham MA and Bellevue NE and surrounding areas!***

Service Dog Training

Canine Defined trains service dogs that can assist people with physical, neurological, or psychological disabilities perform every day tasks that may otherwise be challenging. Your personal pet dog can be evaluated for suitability for service dog work, or we can help you select the ideal candidate to suit your needs.

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