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Our job is to ensure we recommend the best possible training plan to suit your dog and family's individual needs.


Nancy D.

Ciera is by far the most amazing trainer I have ever met. My dogs love her, my puppies love her, River can't contain herself when she's around. I had been researching service dog trainers for quite a while before I found her and am so grateful fate sent her to us. I would travel to the ends of the earth for this lady!

Lindsey L.

I highly recommend Julie Parra of Canine Defined! She's so patient and knowledgeable and just downright awesome!

Keylee T.

Meg is absolutely amazing!! She helped both my dog and I grow and learn how to tackle the every day obstacles of being disabled. Definitely made my life easier and more accessible and has taught me how to navigate the service dog world. Plenty of options on training and tailored 100% to MY needs. I have the service dog I need thanks to Mrs. Meg and Canine Defined.

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