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Kelly McDonnell, RBT, CDT

Regional Trainer- Greater Boston-Norwood
She / Her / Hers

I am a certified dog trainer who strongly values a force-free and positive training approach. I integrate a variety of evidence-based training styles tailored to each dog and their family. My philosophy is to exceed your training goals by strengthening the communication, confidence, and trust between you and your pup while addressing undesired behaviors. 


I have always been an avid dog lover. My first rescue dog, Emma, changed my life by teaching me first-hand the importance of the human and canine bond. After a decade of working to empower people in need, my two passions collided. I adopted Billie, a lab/husky mix, and my spark for dog training ignited. I immersed myself into dog daycare environments where I fine-tuned my ability to interpret canine body language, implement individualized training goals, and proactively manage groups of all sizes and temperaments. Following my years of working with dog daycares, I was given the unique opportunity to work with emotional support dog owners experiencing depression, anxiety, and PTSD to help them care for and get the most benefit from their dogs. I am passionate about behavioral science. I am dedicated to continue learning, growing and strengthening my knowledge to provide the best possible training education. 


I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from Southern Connecticut State University. I advocated and encouraged children and adults with developmental disabilities and psychiatric disorders. I became a registered behavioral technician which equipped me with strong behavioral management, positive reinforcement, redirection and de-escalation skills. Before working in the dog training space, I worked as an in-home ABA therapist for children with Autism while I furthered my education with a focus in Social Work.


My goal is to empower you to become an expert in your dog’s behavior! Together, we will create a fun, positive, structured learning environment with a sustainable behavior plan to enrich both your life and your dog’s life. In my free time, I can be found juggling tennis balls to Billie in the backyard, hiking with friends (human and canine) and kicking around the soccer ball.


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