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The Canine Defined Lifestyle Board-and-Train program  is an excellent training option for families that need a kick start to their dogs basic obedience and manners while in the home. This program is unique in that your dog will live in our home with our pet dogs and engage in training sessions frequently and at any time of day that is suitable for the specific goals for each individual dog.

Program duration begins at 2 weeks long and the maximum length of stay 4 weeks per individual program. Pricing for this program begins at $1000 for 2 weeks and varies based on training goals, age of the dog, and length of stay over 2 weeks. Two in home training sessions will accompany this program as your dog will have learned many new commands and you will need to know how to utilize these effectively.



** A board-and-train program is not always the best training route for every dog. Suitability of this program for your dog will be based on a free evaluation done in your home where we discuss behavioral issues that you experience, goals you have for your pet and a temperament evaluation. Canine Defined only takes on one board-and-train dog at a time to ensure your dog gets as much attention and training as possible.

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